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Authentic Chebe Powder



Chébé powder works well with hair as it restores the damage and nourishes it which, with time, will lead to growth.

Chébé powder is a hair care secret of an African ethnic group in Chad and the Fulani people of Nigeria known to have very long naturally coarse hair that famously goes pass their rear ends. They cover their hair in a home made mixture that keeps their hair super moisturized and lubricated which is the reason given for why they say their hair never breaks from childhood.

Some people may initially think that their hair length is due to genetics, but the women said that it was most definitely NOT due to genetics since they do not apply chébé powder to their bangs, which stay short. However the parts of the hair which they do apply the powder mixture on does not break and grows very long and strong.


There are several methods of using Chebe Powder but we’ll be highlighting 2 of them.

Method 1
Mix some butter e.g Shea butter (you can melt it slightly to make the process easier) and some Chebe powder together in a bowl.
Next, detangle your hair (in sections), wet your hair, saturate with the butter + Chebe powder mixture from the first step then follow up with just Chebe powder. This process should be done on the length of your hair. DO NOT APPLY ON YOUR SCALP! (the herbs may cause dandruff). You can apply the first butter + Chebe mixture to your hair again to help it distribute better. Braid your hair afterwards, wet the braid and squeeze to remove excess liquid. Repeat for all sections. Pin your braids out of the way and you’re good to go. You can repeat this every 3-7 days & wash out after 2 weeks (or as you deem fit!)
Make sure you detangle your hair gently with oil to rid it of the powder before washing out.
Simply use the butter + Chebe powder mixture as a sealant after moisturizing and leave in as stated above

Method 2

Diffuse Chebe powder in some oil for a period of time (2-3 weeks). Olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil etc. can be used as the carrier oil of choice. Leave in a glass jar in a dark, dry place & shake everyday. Once done, the oil can be applied daily to the hair to be left in.

Consistent use of this age-long Chadian & Fulani hair secret will result in better moisture and length retention!

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